iSpring Online LMS

iSpring Online LMS

Easy Management:

  1. Upload e-Learning Content
  2. Deliver Courses Online
  3. Track Detailed Statistics

iSpring Online features:         

  • Fully integrated authoring tool: Easily develop e-Learning courses, quizzes, video lectures, and simulations, and upload to the LMS in just a few clicks.
  • Unlimited storage space: iSpring puts no limit on GBs or number of files. You can use as much space as you need and upload unlimited content items: courses, videos, presentations, etc.
  • Learning paths: You can develop a specific learning path for each department, and monitor employees’ progress as they master new skills.
  • Webinars: With live webinars, you can train many employees from different departments at the same time. And, should some learner miss the class, they can use the recording to catch up.
  • Events calendar: Assign and manage live trainings, workshops, and webinars on a single screen of iSpring Learn. All your activities are well-organized, and you’ll no longer have to constantly switch between your LMS, Excel sheets and to-do lists.
  • Gamification: Add game elements to your training to engage learners and motivate them to conquer new peaks. Award points and badges when your learners complete their assignments, and inspire them to achieve more with ratings.
  • Handy user management: You can easily manage learners within your system. For example, you can create a temporary account for an employee in training, or quickly form a learning group by sending a registration link to the members.
  • White-labeling: Apply your corporate style to the learning portal. You can change colors, logo and URL with just a few clicks on the dashboard.
  • Learning offline with mobile app: Employees can take learning courses even if there’s no Internet connection; for example, while traveling by train or plane.
  • Advanced reporting: Track learners’ progress in real time. With 21 types of reports, it ‘s easy to analyze and visualise the effectiveness of your learning strategy.
  • Online assessment: Quickly test learners’ knowledge with interactive quizzes and surveys.
  • Certificates: Set up certificates that learners will receive upon completing a course or passing a quiz
Website: https://www.ispring.ru/ispring-online
iSpring Online 14-day trial: https://www.ispring.ru/ispring-online/get-free-trial.html
System requirement: https://www.ispring.ru/ispring-online/tech-specs.html
Online Help Docs, video tutorials: https://www.ispring.ru/support/online.html


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