EDUMAN - automate the learning processes at educational institutions

EDUMAN - automate the learning processes at educational institutions

System purpose

    a system designed to automate the learning processes at educational institutions.

The system offers such opportunities as the increasing of mutual education processes between students and teachers, monitoring of teachers’ curriculums, organization of centralized storage rules of educational resources, data gathering by statistical and analytical reports, conducting of more efficient and centralized examinations, increase of transparency and efficiency of examinations, management of the organizational structure of education, preparation of reports based on a predetermined education, etc.

System modules

Organizational structure module
Students module
Parents module
Curriculum module
Syllabus module
Subject program module
Course schedule module
Thematic-calendar plan module
Individual plan module
Daily plan module
Evaluation table module
E-journal module
Literature module
Complete and advanced search module
Reports module
Filtration and system security module
Tuition fees management module
System language selection support module
Examination module


System advantages

1.       Automation of business processes of differents systems, Integration of all high scholls in a unified system, 

2.       Creating of a database on a common information, Data transfer via network or Internet from any computer

3.       Creating of a timetable, Ability to create curriculum (thematic-calendar plan module, daily plan, individual plan) 

4.       Adding corrections made at organizational structure , Create reports of different sizes and ensure their integration with MS OFFICE program 

5.       Testing and monitoring of students’ knowledge, Adding an infinite number of tests / queries 

6.       Ability to determine minimum points / percentage required for successful job performance, Ability to use points / percentage for assessment of any task 

7.       Fully electronic evaluation of students’ knowledge, Ability to ensure conclusion of final marks

8.       Ability to use mail notification examples (send notifications of new tests / queries, sending test results to users, etc.) for predefined events

Similar implemented projects

“Eduman – electronic management system of vocational secondary education e-management” has been implemented in colleges under  Ministry of Education of the Azerbaijan Republic.

  • Baku Computer College
  • Azerbaijan State Pedagogical College
  • Azerbaijan Financial Economy College
  • Music college under Azerbaijan National Conservatory
  • Baku State Oil-Energy college

Used Technologies


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