Differential Payroll System in Azerbaijan

Differential Payroll System in Azerbaijan

“Ultra Technologies”, the largest integrator company in Azerbaijan applied differential payroll system at Azerbaijan State University of Economics, one of the higher education institutions educating competent economists.

The newly established system is an innovation in Azerbaijan. The purpose of the system is to differentiate salaries of the academic staff estimating their activities based on the objective criteria and strengthen the stimulation of their scientific-pedagogical activities contributing to the development goals of UNEC. 

Guidelines on the system were prepared based on the “Law on Education of Azerbaijan Republic”, “State Strategy on Development of Education in the Republic of Azerbaijan”, “Azerbaijan 2020: Look Into The Future” Development Concept and “Charter of Azerbaijan State University of Economics”. 

According to the applied differential payroll system, scientific and teaching activities, as well as personal development activities of the academic staff are determined on the basis of 12 criteria estimating “Teacher’s Annual Activity Point” for each teacher. In the system personal cabinets are available for teachers, so in the personal cabinets teachers are able to calculate their salaries adding activities to the system in 3 directions. 

Note that, previously, Ultra Technologies and Azerbaijan State University of Economics worked together in several large projects in order to modernize and strengthen educational process. For example, the projects like Online Examination System for University, Automation of University, Eduman - education system, e-journals, e-library, electronic document management system, modern IT infrastructure, electronic podiums were implemented.

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