ALISA (Unified Automated Library Information System)

ALISA (Unified Automated Library Information System)

System functionality

ALISA (Automated Library Information System of Azerbaijan) system as a complex project has been created for the development of library system in Azerbaijan.


The system completely automates internal library processes and library-reader relations and makes it possible to create necessary environment for this process. The main purpose on writing and installation of the program is complete automation of internal library processes, creation of online services and providing operative services. The online operation of the system enables to access it from any point of the world. All activities of the library, such as creation of directories, acquisition, book order and delivery, registration of readers  and information about employees have been taken into account in the system. The system also has a unique search system, a variety of reports and a multilevel system of rights

Integration equipment

Selfcheck system

3M company «Selfcheck» solution exempts librarians from issuing and receiving of books and hereby increases the time for consultation and education (enlightenment) of readers.

3M «Selfcheck» system allows the reader to register books issuing and receiving easily. The system reads both bar-codes and RFID-tags and simultaneously performs processing of multiple copies from the library.

Fund security system (3M RFİD Gate)

3M Fund security system is used for security of leading libraries of the world for already 40 years.

This system prevents theft from the library. 3M Fund security system enables to reduce expenditures on library security, however not reduces the quality. 3M Fund security system can be provided as a complete set. The set includes «Selfcheck» system, system for librarians and RFİD-tags. Systematized library systems of 3M solutions can be integrated easily.

PAD (Librarian workplace)

Universal workplace for the librarian intended for issuing and receiving books, as well as programming and reprogramming of RFID-tags.

Equipment working with bar-codes and RFID-tags can register multiple books simultaneously, as well as, print bar-codes on RFID-tags.

Registration kiosk

Reader, coming to the library. approaches to the registration kiosk and scans his ID card using special scaner. Registration kiosk checks whether the reader is registered in the system or not based on PIN-code.

If reader already registered, but lost his reader card, or his reader card has been blocked, the reader has come to reception. If reader already registered, kiosk reads his ID-card data, takes a picture of it, adds to the system and and prints reader’s card on special RFID-card. Using this card reader can take advantage of all equipments in the library.

Solution activity scheme

1.    The reader registers at a kiosk and gets a reader’s card.
2.    The reader passes through the turnstile using reader’s card.
3.    Book order. Reader orders books in special search of publications.
4.    The reader sees the ordered book in queue monitor.
5.    The book is placed on «Pad» and provided to the reader with «Pad» program
6.    The reader approaches to «SelfCheck», puts the book and reader’s card on a special place.

System advantages

  • Unified Automated system based on the latest web technologies
  • Unified portal for all libraries to create their own pages
  • Unified Reader card
  • Interface with easy installation procedure for users and localization to any language
  • Full support of national symbols
  • Full support of International MARC21 format for automation of libraries
  • Advanced search system for any types of documents and data
  • Usage of system both directly via the Internet and locally

Implemented at the following projects

  • Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS) Central Library
  • Sabail CLS
  • Khatai CLS
  • Narimanov CLS 
  • Republican Youth Library named after J. Jabbarly
  • Republican Eye Disability Library
  • Republican Children's Library named after F. Kocharli
  • Agjabadi CLS
  • Agdash CLS
  • Agstafa CLS
  • Astara CLS
  • Barda CLS
  • Bilasuvar CLS
  • Dashkasan CLS
  • Ganja city CLS
  • Hajigabul CLS
  • İmishli CLS
  • İsmayilli CLS
  • Kurdamir CLS
  • Lankaran CLS
  • Mingachevir CLS
  • Oguz CLS
  • Guba CLS
  • Sabirabad CLS
  • Shabran CLS
  • Shaki CLS
  • Khachmaz CLS
  • Zagatala CLS
  • Zardab CLS
  • Qakh CLS
  • Salyan CLS
  • Gobustan CLS
  • Goranboy CLS
  • Samukh CLS
  • Yardimli CLS
  • Goykchay CLS

ALISA modules

  • Organizational structure
  • Catalogue
  • Mini HR (internal user reader base)
  • Order
  • Delivery
  • Security and authority module
  • Copies
  • Reserve
  • Dynamic search module
  • Document history
  • Advanced search module on books
  • Dynamic reports module
  • Source
  • Readers’ private rooms
  • Acquisition
  • Reader’s book reservation module

Used Technologies and standards

Application ALISA version 5.2 is supported on Oracle database 11gR2 or 12c, Oracle Linux 6.5 and is Ready to run with Oracle Exadata Database Machine.

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